What is Engineering?
Endless Possibilities
What is Engineering?
What is Engineering?

What is Engineering?

So what is Engineering? It is a profession of immense scope and challenges. From Mechanical Engineering to Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering to Civil Engineering, the career opportunities are endless. Engineering is the practical application of science and math to solve problems, and it is everywhere in the world around you. Engineering technologies improve the ways that we safely travel, work, communicate and even stay healthy.

Engineers are the innovators, planners, and problem-solvers of our society. From computer chips and satellites to medical devices and renewable energy technologies, engineering makes our modern life possible.  They are responsible for the ways in which people around the world communicate, work, and live. Whether they work in a lab with chemicals or behind a computer creating algorithm, design airplanes or biomedical implants, engineers are focused on meeting needs and making an impact. They are always seeking quicker, better, and less expensive ways to benefit mankind.

The major Branches of Engineering include:

·         Chemical Engineering

·         Civil Engineering

·         Electrical Engineering

·         Mechanical Engineering


Each of these can be further reviewed as to the scope and major specialties by using the menu bar on the left side of our website.  Typical engineering skill sets can be found below.  In addition there is a section for Specialized Engineering fields that includes such disciplines as Industrial and Agricultural Engineering.

If you like math, science, and technology, then engineering may be the perfect profession for you. Engineering is the discipline, art, skill and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design and build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes that safely realize improvements to the lives of people.  As an example engineers are called in after a natural disaster to access the damage, design the repairs and analyze system failures to better serve our communities in the future.

Engineering Skills

These engineering skill sets are a few of the areas that many successful engineers acquire as they progress through their careers.  Please visit our Engineering Bookstore for more specific information on engineering skills and educational requirements to become a professional engineer.

Educational Background

Human Qualities

Professional Abilities

Analytical skills




Problem solving skills

Strong work ethic


Professional ethics

Environmentally conscious


Leader / Manage others

Team Player

Big Picture / Global Views

Communicate effectively

Decision maker


Engineering offers opportunities at every level and in almost any field you can conceive … from project managers on major infrastructure projects or innovative software designers to senior information technology consultants and major corporations Chief Operating Officers.  Today’s engineering industry is comprised of men and women of all nationalities working in both large international companies as well as local community firms all around the world.  Please review our engineering job trends and opportunities for the latest on engineering possibilities.


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